Monday, February 1, 2010

Gleeful singing

Courtney and I spent much of Christmas vacation singing this song: "Defying Gravity." Oh, how I love it. Gorgeous melody line! We are looking forward to seeing Wicked on our mom/daughter weekend. But until then, we have to make do. For now - until we have the thrill of seeing the Broadway show - this "Glee" version hits all the right buttons.


  1. Wow, when you said ugliest blog layout possible, you weren't kidding. Whoa.

    I mean . . . Neeeeeiiiiiiiigghhh, Wilbur.

  2. I know. I saw it & thought - perfect. It is SO horrendous in every way and yet someone designed it. SOmeone made it available?????

  3. Great song! I'd love to see "Wicked" someday! Lucky you!