Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"Crazy and deranged"

I start my intermediate hip hop dance class tonight, and am suuuuper excited. Could break out a few of the moves that Annie and I have perfected with this number, although our moves are definitely partner necessary. We have a nice little combo going where I dip her to the right, then to the left (she holds her back very very flat & still), then she crawls through my legs and I pull her up, fast. Then Graham kinda wanders in during the Jay-Z part and flashes a peace sign or two.

"When the family gets together ..."!

p.s. there is a, um, memorable video starring Beyonce's red heels and short shorts, but I figured I'd stick with the song only.


  1. Can't wait to hear how your class is. Plus, I LOVE this song...maybe we should see a video of you, Annie, and Graham. :)

  2. i heart beyonce!

    we own everything she has ever recorded. even some of the old-school destiny's child. and, yes, i love this video. love it.