Saturday, May 15, 2010

No such thing

... as a guilty pleasure.

If ya like it, like it big and proud.

Still, when I told a friend about Glee (that I like it) & shared a few clips, his response was something along these lines: "I can't believe they make a show like this. Wait, you watch it?!??!" (Extra punctuation added by me to indicate his incredulous response.)

They do, and I do.

I love the bombastic singing, the frothy emotions, the ratcheted-up intensity of the characters' mini-dramas. Not only do I enjoy listening to this singing, I would LOVE to sing on the show. I adore this kind of over-emoted cheese-fest, especially when I am the one doing it! One of these years, I want to have a giant karaoke party with all of the people I love in attendance. Location/logistics might be a problem, but I have two years til 40 to figure that out ...

Anyhoo ... here is an example of one of the super powers of Glee: the mash up! In this case, they've mashed two Madonna songs, and in so doing, helped me realize that "Open Your Heart" is a really pretty tune.

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  1. I love Glee! Guilty pleasure or not, I'm a regular fan nowadays. :)