Wednesday, May 5, 2010

me myself

Hard day. Hard week. Hard month. Great year though. Truly. Figuring BIG stuff out.

This morning I only had the strength to listen to Led Zeppelin's "Black Dog" loud on the way to work. It is a song to pump me up. No sadness in it, only powerful drumming, powerful rhythms. I had to hold it together to give a final exam. "Black Dog" (already listed on this blog, I think) is great for that.

The final exam has been given, however, and this song recommendation was waiting in my inbox courtesy of Elizabeth. Oh these Indigo Girls. Their harmonies are so sweet and good, so pleasing.  Their lyrics too. In fact, I think they are super lyricists. Lucky you, this clip shares the lyrics via a nifty font-on-purple-background.


  1. Emily Saliers was my dad's student in 9th grade at Apollo. Apparently her dad, a college professor, came up from Emory for a year to teach at SCSU or SJU/SBU, and so little Emily spent a formative year in our fair city. Before she left, she made a copy of a demo tape of her original songs for my dad, who promptly lost it. DAD!!!

  2. I love that anecdote! But I cry too ...