Saturday, May 1, 2010


I have to give Becca props for introducing me to Vampire Weekend, and then need to extend props to my friend Derall for telling me about the drink horchata, a kind of cinnamon rice milk (wiki-definition, of course).  I thought of both of 'em as I put in Vampire Weekend's Contra (their 2nd album) today. I purchased it six weeks ago, and then ... didn't get around to it.

... but now, I'm back in the Vampire Weekend business. These fellas are fun.

My children listened a couple of times, and then Annie said, "I have no idea what they're saying."

"Oh, me neither," I told her.

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  1. It really is odd to me that you put this post up today, because I woke up with their song "Cousins" in my head, and was singing it as I logged in to blogger just now.

    Someone asked me a while ago what my favorite kind of music was, and before I could answer, Allen said, "happy rock and happy pop." I no longer know what I would have said, because he's right. Vampire Weekend is a good embodiment of my preferred genre.

    I don't even own the second album yet. But soon . . .