Sunday, January 31, 2010

The most beautiful song on my playlist? "Wild Horses"

Choice #4: Yes, I had this song in mind when I found the horrible blog background you see here at Pop Rocks.

I love The Sundays. Harriet Wheeler's voice is like fine china. Reading, Writing, Arithmetic and Blind were part of the aural fabric of my undergraduate years at Texas A&M.

Kyle and I used to sing this song (a Rolling Stones cover) together. He loved to play it; I loved to sing it. Hmmm. I wouldn't say I feel *sad* listening to this song, but definitely nostalgic for rainy afternoons spent with a guitar, take-out pizza, apples and him.


  1. I hate that the first song that popped into my head was Gino Vanelli's song Wild Horses. That's really annoying.

    Harriet Wheeler really does have a gorgeous voice.

  2. this song is painfully pretty. and i've now listened to it on repeat. thanks a heap.