Friday, January 29, 2010

From the ashes (reprint)

Phoenix. Great French band. Thomas Mars is the lead singer. He's the guy Sofia Coppola married (?) after she was married to Spike Jonze. Just a little tidbit. They sing in English, but hey, either way. I'd like it in French too. I'd probably like it even more. I love French. I love speaking French. I wish I could remember more than 10 words of my college vocabulary. J'aime la guitare electrique. J'ai entendu un groupe formidable!

My kids love this album: Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. This song - a tribute to Paris - is called "1901."

And yes, I'll give the clips a rest next week.

I have a theory about all this music listening and posting, besides the obvious reason that my FAVORITE band released its 7th album after MONTHS of build-up and excitement. I mean, that only happens once every couple of years.

My theory is that I'm using music as a healthy eating tool. Unintentionally, actually. I've been working hard to avoid emotional eating, and can you believe it? I've actually made some progress over the last couple of months. I've learned to say no to certain snacks and treats. I'm moving in the right direction. This may be the first year when my default resolution to get fit actually has some teeth.

You know how diet books always recommend substitutes, like gum or sugar free soda?
I think I've substituted emotional listening for the kind of mindless snacking I might have turned to a year ago! I'm using song after song after song to help me get through the day, to energize me or to calm me down or relax or pump up or whatever. Perhaps that's a diet book I could write: Losing Weight the iTunes Way!

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  1. I think I'm going to blog-stalk you because I love your writing almost as much as I love being your friend.

    And you have wicked good taste in music. And blog wallpaper.