Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Do not extinguish

Elizabeth likes Arcade Fire. Joy! My work here is, perhaps, done. LOL! Allen loves it too - no surprise! Becca, do you enjoy listening when he plays this song, "Une Annee Sans Lumiere"?

The title means a year without light. (Yeah, I took five years of French. Doh!)

Wikipedia tells us helpfully that Arcade Fire's first album's title - Funeral - "referred to the deaths of several relatives of band members during its recording. These events created a somber atmosphere that influenced songs such as "Une année sans lumière" ("A Year Without Light"), "In the Backseat", and "Haïti", Chassagne's elegy to her lost homeland."

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  1. I actually feel so bad that my music tastes are so ... stuck. And I'm glad to be introduced to new ones! Another great song ... thanks!