Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Not related to the Oliver North debacle

Sad day ... the horsehead background on this bloghas somehow disappeared.


As soon as we got back from vacation, my kids requested that I put in "Contra" by Vampire Weekend. I've already shared the first track, "Horchata." This is the last track, a beautiful winsome song called "I Think Ur A Contra." I love the sweetness of Ezra Koenig's voice, especially when he sings "I just wanted you, I just wanted you."

As my friend Becca has pointed out, Vampire Weekend does happy and upbeat with a dash of Paul Simon on the top incredibly well. But this song shows that they can do poignant just as well.


  1. It's funny that your kids like Vampire Weekend, because it's always the band that Truman requests. Is this video the real music video, or did someone just make it on youtube? Is it in Italy?

  2. Should I just not comment rather than comment and say ... eh. No Paul Simon! You just said that to make me listen ... and I think I'll take Patty Griffin's Mary for poignancy any day ... says the old fuddy duddy. Still --- glad to see you posting again!

  3. The background thing happened to me too. The site hosting the picture for your background made some changes, so to fix it, you can follow these steps I got from the blog:

    -Go to the place you pasted your background code in your blog
    -Find in the code where it says:
    -Replace it with:
    -Click 'Save'