Wednesday, March 16, 2011

School of Rock

I genuinely like this song (and the movie it came from). My kids and I all love Jack Black's exuberant performance as fraudulent substitute teacher Dewey Finn, and secretly dream of being able to perform with the band! I would sign up for classes at his rock school in a heartbeat. What a crazy genius.


  1. I think Jack Black was absolutely perfect - his love of Rock and Roll, his 5 minute no-cut shots where he's just going - his Ahhhhhhhh-ah! in the stinky van giving 50 gold stars! And I think this song showcases him and all the kids - Tamika on vocals, plus the kids on the guitar and who doesn't love the keyboardist who says you're fat and have body odor. But the movie is NOT complete with the zany brilliance of Joan Cusack. Thanks for posting this - I'm not a rock and roll person, but find this movie hilariously "informative" to the depths of rock.

  2. Erin - the font set is so small and slender, hard to read what you've written. Can it be modified?