Thursday, January 13, 2011

Foggy conditions

Here's the email I just dashed off to a friend I thought would like this tune, "Everyday" by oh minnows, then I realized that everyone should AND could like this tune:

"I am in love with the chord progressions of this song - "Everyday". Don't you love the guitar stuff?Super vibe-y, sweet, but foggy too. The singers has created a hazy distance. He seems intentionally far away. The lyric is a bit ominous - "this day will be the last" - but the mood is peaceful. I think this might be a zen love song."

Take a listen, won't you?
Here are a few of the lyrics (and there are only a few lyrics) that grabbed me:

Now what am I going to do?
I am nothing without you.

What am I good for?
Who am I good for?

Everyday I want to see you and this will be the last.
Everyday I want to reach you and this day will be the last, will be the last.

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