Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A cappella

I like "Glee".
I like a cappella singing.
I like Dead Poets Society-style boarding school duds.
I like Darren Criss's hopping sideways choreography/moves.

Yes, sure, some people might say the Dalton Warblers are "effeminate" (so?), "wimpy" (wha?), "cheeseball" (yum!), or "corny" (I prefer "wholesome"). Whatever the label, they took this top 40 hit with its weird, nonsensical lyrics and impossibly high tenor lead line and turned it into a sweet ensemble piece.


  1. I agree - Dalton Warblers are fun to watch. Especially Darren Criss. What a voice!

  2. He DOES have a great voice. I loved their version of "Teenage Dream" too!