Thursday, November 25, 2010

My baby

Annie and I finished our Thanksgiving feast day with a little dance lesson in my room. I couldn't stop yawning, but I did my best to teach her the Roger Rabbit. It took a little coaxing to remind my muscles just how that move used to go, but it came back, and along with it, memories of assorted church dances.

Yeah, I agree re: Justin Bieber. The hair, for starters. It's terrible. Scary moment last week when I walked into Graham's room and saw him tossing his hair in front of the mirror. He was trying to get the swept forward look. I just smiled and bit my tongue. Then there's the voice. No, not the singing voice - I think his singing voice is sweet. (Graham asked me, while we were listening, "So he hasn't come to puberty yet?") No, it's his speaking voice. The kid has this weird urban/southern thing going on, a really off-putting accent, and I just don't buy it from a white kid who grew up in Canada. But Annie wanted us to dance to this tune, and so we did.


  1. I'm sorry that I loathe that kid's music. Allen and I saw this very video a few weeks ago because it was the NUMBER ONE MOST-WATCHED VIDEO OF ALL TIME ON YOUTUBE. This is the most stupid and repetitive song I've heard in recent years (but Allen and I did both guffaw when he makes a heart on his chest with his hands and then "pumps" it)

    So so sad about humanity.

  2. My parents hated my music so much, their parents hated their music so much ... it is a rite of passage, and you dancing with Annie to her music is a beautiful way of handling it. Lovely image, even if the music falls short.

  3. His hair is TERRIBLE with multiple Ts - all capital. I, for one having major sensory issues, couldn't fathom that hair just laying on my ears and checks and forehead. I must admit, it is slightly reminiscent of the Donny Osmond look circa 1975 but his was poufier or puffier or whatever is the word.

    As Sunny and I sat before the HP 7 part 1 movie came on, listening to music and seeing advertisements somehow it came up that I had NO idea what Justin Bieber's voice sounded like - Sunny was aghast - Courtney are you serious? Um, yes I am (said in valley girl voice)! I'm also hyper auditory and can't just listen to anything for the sake of listening. Amazing music can move me and literally become a part of me kinesthetically (I'm so excited for Matt Culloton's Christmas concert in 2 weeks) - the vibrations are felt on a cellular level. Since that's the case the exact opposite exists too - I cannot, PHYSICALLY cannot just have music on - I feel it in my throat, my voice, feel it under my skin, and it's magically magnified in my ears.

    Justin Bieber doesn't make my cut - but I'd be HAPPY to cut his hair!