Saturday, September 25, 2010

30 giggles

The 30 Rock season 4 I ordered last summer for myself with birthday money arrived yesterday. I literally laughed for hours. One of the episodes focused on Jack Donaghy's attempt to reach "real" America. As part of that outreach, Jenna Maroney sings a new country-fied version of the NBC tennis coverage theme song. Can we say "pandering"? What's so funny is how pitch perfect the song remake is ... and of course, the part with the names of the tennis participants is red, white and hilarious!

Same episode, Jack is introducing a new food product called a Cheesy Blaster. Liz pipes in with the theme song. Is this not spot on too? And Meat Cat? Yeah! How American can ya get?

"You take a hot dog, stuff it with some jack cheese, fold it in a pizza ... you've got cheesy blasters!"


  1. Watched the first episode of Season 5 last night ... so funny!

  2. I'm in shock from the tennis song ... I know I'm missing the context but it was totally and completely random. I'm surprised there's no clip from the last episode of Psych - um hello, hello can you say some kind of WONDERFUL??? I think I need to get myself every season of psych just like you treat yourself to 30 Rock.